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Feeling Parisian

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do! 


There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a tourist, of course. But so often, I have people tell me that they want get off the tourist track and experience Paris like we Parisians do. So what does that mean?


First, it's about being in Paris instead of rushing around to check off boxes. It's about taking time to absorb the feel of Paris, to smell the flowers ...and the cheese! 

There are many ways to feel Parisian: we might put together a picnic at the neighborhood market then go down to the Seine to enjoy it, we could go to the best spots for antiquing and see what catches our eye, maybe we're in the mood to play a little pétanque in a sandy square, or perhaps we just want to enjoy a glass of wine while we people-watch from our prime spot on a Parisian terrace.


We could also stop into my friend's Champagne bar and do a little tasting and learning about bubbly. Or visit another friend's art gallery to see what beautiful things she's showing this week - (you might even find the perfect piece to remember your trip by). The choices are many if you want to experience Paris like - and with - a Parisian.

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Gallery wall

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Picnic in Parc Monceau

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

A summer evening sitting by the Seine...what a view!

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Champagne tasting

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