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Historic Paris

To many, it might seem redundant to say "historic Paris." After all, you can't turn a corner in Paris without finding yourself in front of a centuries old building where history was made. But knowing exactly what history was made where, well that takes a little more than just wandering around. My college major was history, and I love learning something new every day here. What about French history interests you? Is it the revolution? Bloody and brutal...but then again, so were the world wars, and not just on the fronts. Maybe you're intrigued by French royalty. The extravagances of those times are hard for most of us to imagine today. Come learn with me...

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

The Arc de Triomphe

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Palais Royal

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