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I'm here! Now what?

You made it! You're finally in Paris, and you can't wait to get going! Only, how does the metro work? How is the city laid out? Are the French really rude? (No, and I'll tell you how to stay on their good sides.)  Should we take the taxis? Where are those public toilets I've heard about, and should we use them? Where can we find that little macaron shop that my cousin says has the best macarons in Paris? 

For all of this and more, book 2 hours with me (this is the only option available for just 2 hours; can also be included as part of a half-day or full-day tour).


We'll meet at your hotel, apartment, or a nearby café - as you like, and we'll take a look at the metro & city maps then take a walk around. We'll find a few key places in your neighborhood, pop into a metro station and see how it works, and I'll give you the inside track on how not to stand out and how to avoid scams. Finally, I'll answer any questions you have about Paris, navigation-wise or otherwise. 

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

- Orientation To  Paris -

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