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Opening Doors in the City of Light

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  • Want to know how to get around Paris using the métro? 
  • Need ideas of where to eat well when you don't have reservations? 
  • Want to shop like a local and get souvenirs that will transport you back to Paris every time you look at them? 
  • Wondering how to avoid ordering the wrong thing and how much to tip your waiter? 
Get answers to these and other essential questions with The Paris Personally Passport!


I first created The Paris Personally Passport for clients coming on my week-long small group trips to give them some essential information that would help make their visit more enjoyable. One day, I realized that I was answering these same questions over and over for people who weren’t coming on my trips. So I decided to flesh the Passport out a little further and make it available to people who wouldn't have the benefit of having me as a resource while they were here. So even if you aren't seeing Paris with me, you'll still have some insider tips and tricks from me to make your visit a bit more special.

Inside, you’ll find a collection of my best insider insights to help you make the most of your Paris experience. I want you to love Paris as much as I love Paris, and while that may or may not happen, I want to do my part as an unofficial Franco-American ambassador to help you experience the Paris that I love so much.

Bienvenue à Paris ! (Welcome to Paris!)

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