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Cuisine Elégante

Paris Personally Small Group Trips
Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Cooking classes and more!

Interested in learning about French cooking? Join Véronique, a talented (and fun) chef and hostess, in her Paris kitchen. Véronique will lead you through all the steps to prepare a lovely authentic French meal, letting you in on some of the secrets of French cuisine along the way. After sharing an apéro in her beautiful salon, you'll sit down together to feast on your creations!


To learn more, click here:

Paris Personally Small Group Trips

Paris Practically 

Trip planning

Struggling with the logistics of your trip? What airline to fly, where to stay, taking taxis or trains...or maybe I can Uber in Paris (yes, you can!), so many decisions! Ed loves helping people plan their trips to the beautiful City of Light.


If you'd like him to help with yours, click here:


If you're looking for photographers, you're in luck!

Here you'll find information on two friends who are photographers. Their styles are very different, so check out their work and see who you think is the best fit for your needs. 

Camille Betinyani

Anne Barot

Camille is our lovely and talented photography partner for our "A Week with the French" small group trip.


Check out Camille's work at:

You can contact Camille through her site as well. 

See more of Anne's work here:

You can also contact Anne through her site.

Paris Personally Small Group Trips
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