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About Gina

There’s something about Paris. It’s hard to describe, but once it takes hold, it’s got you. I fell so hard for the City of Light when I first came in 2007 that I cried on the plane leaving. I tried not to embarrass myself, but there I was, drying my tears like I’d just said goodbye to my only friend. So I got to work on coming back, and fifteen months later (with two cats in tow), I moved here.


That was fifteen years ago, and I'm still here and still just as in love with this amazing city as ever. I now speak fluent French and feel more at home here than anywhere else in the world. 


From the time I arrived in Paris, one of my favorite things about living here has been getting to share my beautiful, enchanted city with friends. Since opening Paris Personally in 2017, I get to do that even more frequently with people who may start out as strangers but who quickly become new friends.


If you’re thinking that I have a great job, you’re right. I love helping people discover what they love about Paris. I love seeing their eyes light up when they discover the charm of Montmartre or when they find that one-of-a-kind painting, bought directly from the artist, that’ll always remind them of Paris. I could go on about the beautiful, rich experiences that I love watching unfold. Playing even a small part in helping people discover the magic of Paris is so much fun.


Come join me and discover the magic of Paris for yourself.

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