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Paris Personally Art

Your French connection for carefully curated original works of art

Paris Personally Art brings the original works of Paris's artists to your home.

Whether you've been to Paris or not, you can decorate your home with beautiful original art purchased directly from the artist by me, your French art connection.


Maybe you've been to Paris and wish you'd stopped to buy that gorgeous painting you passed on your first morning out. Maybe you haven't been to Paris yet but appreciate original art and would love to own one or more pieces for your home.

I think the art we surround ourselves with should be art that we love. I've never bought anything just to fill space on a wall. Back when I bought my first home, I couldn't find anything that I loved to hang over my sofa, so that wall sat empty and blank for 7 years. Then I took my first trip to Paris and found exactly what I'd been looking for. I bought my gorgeous painting directly from the artist, took it home, had it framed, and finally filled that space with a beautiful one-of-a kind original painting that gave me joy every time I looked at it. 

In addition to the paintings you see here, I also work with portrait artists who will do a portrait of you or a loved one (yes, that includes pets!) from a photo. Contact me for more information on custom portrait orders. 

To purchase anything you see here, please send an email to, giving me the name of the painting. I will reserve the painting for you and send you a link that will enable you to make a secure payment.

Be sure to check back often as new pieces are added regularly.

Current Collection


Notre Dame (back) and La Seine

Doris Altermatt

Watercolor, 16" X 11 3/4"
$255.00 USD shipping included

This painting of the back of Notre Dame before the 2019 fire feels like taking a walk on a sunny day. The boats going down the Seine are such a sweet touch. This artist is a beautiful, elegant lady; find two more of her pieces below.

close up view

Rooftops of Paris and Sacre Coeur

Doris Altermatt

Watercolor, 8" X 8 1/2" (6" X 7" without mat)
$190.00 USD includes shipping

Ah, the charming old rooftops of Paris, complete with their chimney pots, lead the eye up the hill to where the beautiful Sacré Coeur sits.

Altermatt 5_edited_edited.jpg
Altermatt 5_edited_edited.jpg

close up view

Café Les Deux Magots

Doris Altermatt

Watercolor, 8" X 8 1/2" (6" X 7" without mat)
$190.00 USD includes shipping

This "see and be seen" cafe, Les Deux Magots, once popular with Sarte and de Beauvoir, Picasso, Hemingway, and even Julia Child is still a great place to enjoy a drink and do some people watching.

close up view

Apple Trees in Normandy

Pascal Ignelzi

Watercolor, 10" X 12 1/4" (6" X 9" without mat)
$330.00 USD includes shipping

I wish I could take a picture that would do this painting justice. Here we have the beautiful blooms of apple trees in Normandy. The artist is a lovely gentleman with so much talent for capturing the beauty of nature.

close up view

Boats on the Seine


Acrylic, 9 1/2" X11 3/4" (6 3/4" X 9" without mat)
$380.00 USD includes shipping

This gorgeous abstract by another gem of a gentleman took my breath away. The colors are so gorgeous, and the light...oh the light!


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Please email me at and give me the name of the painting you wish to purchase. I will reserve the painting for you and send you a link for making a secure payment.

All art sales are final.

If your purchase is damaged upon receipt, please email me immediately at

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