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a fantastic find

A wander through my old neighborhood in the 7th arrondissement led me to this little gem of a store. Hidden in plain sight is Duvelleroy, a fan shop that dates from 1827.

You might say that Duvelleroy got its lucky break in 1829. That's when France's Duchess de Berry threw an elegant ball at the Tuileries Palace, and when all the other ladies saw the Duchess and her friends carrying chic mother-of-pearl fans, well they just had to have their own, of course. Just like that, fans were BACK, and Duvelleroy was THE place to get them.

Pretty soon, Duvelleroy was the fan-maker to Queen Victoria and all of the most fashionable queens and empresses. The house even made the fan that the future Empress Eugénie would carry at her wedding to Emperor Napoléon III.

The best news? You can have one of Duvelleroy's fans no matter what your budget looks like! Good souvenirs can be challenging to find in Paris, so you'll definitely want to add this find to your list.

Check out their website to learn more, and when you book your tour with Paris Personally, let me know if you'd like to visit Duvelleroy!


17, rue Amélie

75007 Paris

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