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                   Terms and Conditions

  Christmas in Paris Small Group Trip

Please read this information carefully as payment of a deposit represents your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

Trip Price Guarantee

Prices are subject to change at any time, but your price will be locked in from the moment we receive payment of your deposit. Promotional discounts cannot be combined and are limited to one per person per trip.

Included in Price

Trip prices include hotel accommodations*, breakfast at the hotel, a 7-day Pass Navigo for transportation on the Paris Metro, buses, trams, and RER within zones 1 – 5, a 6-day Paris Museum Pass, Paris city and metro maps, the Paris Personally Passport (guide to Paris), a Paris Personally shopping bag, evening happy hour/planning sessions to plan the next day’s activities, one dinner (Christmas dinner), and the personalized services provided by Gina Hunt and other associates of Paris Personally as described in the trip description.


Not included in the trip price are entrance fees to any museums or other attractions not already included in the Museum Pass; public transportation costs outside of Paris zones 1 – 5; private transportation costs; airfare and associated airline fees; airport transfers; food except for breakfast at the hotel and the 1 dinner specified above; hotel, restaurant, or airport tips; costs of passports and visas; personal expenses such as beverages, laundry, or room service; internet access/wi-fi outside of the hotel; telephone expenses; or any other goods or services not specified in the trip description.


Registration and Payment

A deposit of 500€ per person is required to confirm your reservation, and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 60 days before the trip start date. If you make your reservation after the final payment due date, payment in full will be required immediately. We reserve the right to cancel any reservations that are not paid in full at any time after the final payment is due.


Once your reservation deposit has been paid, you will receive a confirmation email and further information to help you plan your trip.

*Please note. A private hotel room including breakfast and the daily city tax is included in the price of the trip, but as we are not a travel “agency,” we cannot legally make individual reservations for hotel stays. What we do is select high quality hotel partners in prime locations and negotiate favorable packages and rates for trip participants, then include that rate as part of our overall trip price. Upon receiving your deposit, your hotel room will be “blocked” at the negotiated rate.

We will then email you instructions for contacting the hotel and making your reservation in order for your room to be reserved in your name. The amount allocated for the hotel will be deducted from the balance owed to Paris Personally and charged by the hotel to your credit/bank card 7 days before the trip's start date. If you do not stay in our chosen hotel or fail to book your room with our hotel, we cannot guarantee any pricing and will simply deduct our negotiated hotel price from the overall price of your trip to determine your balance owed.  


Cancellations and Refunds

Deposits made more than 90 days before trip start date are refundable for 30 days from the date received, after which time the deposit becomes nonrefundable. Deposits made fewer than 90 days before the trip start date are nonrefundable. Balances paid prior to 60 days before the trip start date are refundable, minus the deposit, up to 61 days before the trip start date. All payments made within 60 days of the trip start date are nonrefundable. Cancellations must be made in writing either by letter to:

Gina M. Hunt

5, Rue Robert Lindet

75015 Paris France

or by email to Cancellations become effective on the date they are received by Paris Personally. No refunds are possible for cancellations occurring within the 60 days leading up to the trip start date. All refunds will be for the amount paid minus transfer and handling fees.


Itinerary Changes

We will do our best to stick with the planned itinerary, but if for any reason we need to change the itinerary, we reserve the right to do so in order to provide the best experience for everyone. Uncompleted portions of the trip itinerary are not cause for refund.  


In order to ensure that every participant gets the most out of the trip, proper comportment is expected, and anyone behaving in a way that is incompatible with the safety, comfort, or convenience of other members of the trip may be removed, without refund, from a trip by the trip leader at any time. 

Travel Documents

You are responsible for securing your own travel documents. For American travelers, a valid passport, valid for at least six months after the completion of your trip, is required. Beginning some time in 2025, the EU will require prior approval via the ETIAS portal for travelers from the US and certain other countries. See this page for information:, and visit the ETIAS website at for details. Travelers from other countries should check with the appropriate agencies in order to determine what travel documents are required to travel to France. 


Health and Medical Issues


We welcome all travelers, but you must be in good health to participate in our trips. This trip requires a reasonable amount of walking, several hours a day, including hilly streets and cobblestones. You must be able to climb stairs and board trains and buses on your own. We use public transportation exclusively; the Paris Metro has very few escalators and elevators. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance if you require the use of a wheelchair or have other personal needs.


If you are unable to participate in this amount of physical activity, you will not be able to participate fully in the trip. We cannot provide individual alternatives to the planned group activities. If your fitness level does not allow you to keep up with the group and/or travel on public transportation, you will be responsible for planning your own activities and for any additional costs incurred (for instance, but not limited to, personal taxis, train tickets, and entrance fees).


Trip Insurance


We strongly recommend that you consider both trip cancellation insurance and traveler’s medical and evacuation insurance for your trip. If you are on Medicare, please note that it does not cover medical expenses when you are outside of the US. In the event that you have to cancel your trip at the last minute, we cannot offer refunds as we will have already paid the costs of your trip on your behalf.


Arrival and Departure Dates


It is your responsibility to make sure you arrive in Paris on or by the specified trip start date. We cannot refund part of your trip if you arrive late or leave early. If you would like to extend your stay in the hotel, you may make arrangements to do so directly with the hotel. 




The liability of Paris Personally and Gina Hunt are strictly limited. In no event will Paris Personally or Gina Hunt be liable for amounts in excess of the amounts payable to Paris Personally or Gina Hunt in accordance with the terms hereunder, nor will Paris Personally or Gina Hunt be liable for any consequential indirect or incidental damages arising from this agreement. Paris Personally and Gina Hunt contract and/or purchase accommodations, transportation, and other services from independent suppliers not under our control. We serve only as agents for these suppliers in securing trip arrangements, and therefore will not accept responsibility and liability for wrongful, negligent, or arbitrary acts or omissions of these independent contractors, their employees, agents, or representatives.


Paris Personally and/or Gina Hunt are not liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, or delay that may be caused by events not within our control, including but not limited to, without limitation, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, defects of any vehicle, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, illness, or the negligence or default of any third party.


Paris Personally and Gina Hunt reserve the right to correct errors in advertised prices. We reserve the right to cancel an advertised trip, decline to accept a reservation or remove a person from a trip if it is determined by us to be in the best interests of the health, safety or general well-being of other trip participants. We will make every effort to conduct our trip as planned, but we reserve the right to make itinerary and other changes as necessary. If unforeseen circumstances require us to change a hotel, we will make every effort to select alternative accommodations of the same quality.

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